About Us

Based in Australia

FunArtsy is an Melbourne-based brand born out of playful ideas and a loving dedication to product quality and customer happiness.

Reuse & Re-Play

Our products are designed specifically not just for one off use. They can be reused and re-played multiple times and recycled if they are no longer needed; minimising environmental waste and reducing your spending costs.

Safety First

Our products are made with utmost care and attention to ensure that they are long lasting and more importantly, safe to use.

Our Story

Once upon a time, the idea for FunArtsy was born in Vieronica's imagination. She wanted to create products that children would love and that parents could trust. So she started to do some research. As a mother herself, she thought about all the different things that would be beneficial to parents, and the things that her kids love.

While she was out in a restaurant with her family, waiting for food to arrive, an idea dawned on her. A product to keep children entertained at the dinner table. She reached out to her best friend Sul and began to brainstorm. As mothers, both Vieronica and Sul understood the struggle of keeping children seated at the dining table and reducing phone screen time. They chatted and went back and forth with many possible ideas until the concept for FunArtsy's Washable Silicone Placemats was born.

FunArtsy Washable Silicone Placemats is made out of food grade non-toxic silicone. They are reusable and made to last. They are designed with kids in mind, with different themes and activities that kids can enjoy and learn from. Collect all 5 designs now!

Meet Our Team

Get to know more about the wonderful founder of FunArtsy


Veronica is a mother of two adorable boys. She manages and oversees the entire FunArtsy production from start to finish. Prior to this, she worked in corporate for a few years and she stopped work when she had her first born son and started a casual work a year and a half later.